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The production methods of Wood-based panel

Views: 16     Author: leo     Publish Time: 2022-10-14      Origin: Shandong Jinlun Machinery Manufacturing Co,Ltd

Wood-based panels are wood or other non-wood plants as raw materials, after a certain mechanical separation into various unit materials, with or without adhesive and other additives glued plate or molded products. Mainly include plywood, shavings (scrap) board and fiberboard, and other three major categories of products, the extended products and deep processing of products up to 100 species. The birth of plywood, marking the beginning of the modernization of wood processing.The following describes the production of Wood-based panel.

1, the plywood softened by softening the logs, spin-cut into large sheets, and then the direction of each piece of wood fibers placed perpendicular to each other, with a good water-resistant synthetic resin adhesive, and then pressurized, dried, sawing, surface finishing And into the plate. Its odd number of layers, usually 3-13 layers, respectively, said plywood, plywood and so on. Used to make plywood trees are basswood, birch, ash, beech, color wood, willow eucalyptus and so on.

2, Fibreboard is the bark, shavings, branches and other waste by crushing, soaking, grinding into wood pulp, and then by pressure forming, drying and made of sheet. Due to different molding temperature and pressure, can be divided into hard, semi-hard, soft three.

3, particleboard is the use of wood with or without the application of wood shavings or wood fiber material pressed into the plate. Particleboard density, material uniformity, but easy to absorb moisture, low intensity.

4, Blockboard Use of wood processing waste generated by the corner, the plastic, planing sizing, stitching, veneer made of a man-made sheet. The core of the board is generally dry, short strips of wood with a single layer of veneer or plywood. Blockboard is not only an effective measure of the comprehensive utilization of wood, but also get a uniform plate structure, dimensional stability, large format, larger thickness. In addition to the surface decoration, but also double as construction materials.

5, the other About the production of wood-based panels: wood-based panels used in raw materials, in addition to plywood required logs, most from the logging and processing residues, and small diameter material (diameter of 8 cm or less). After crushing or shaving, and then broken into flake, strip, needle, granular material can be used for particleboard manufacturing. After the separation of wood chips for fiberboard manufacturing. In this way, the utilization of wood can be increased by 20% to 25% compared with the traditional utilization. 70s began to pay attention to the use of bark, wood chips for wood-based panel raw materials, but the bark can only be used in the middle of particleboard, the amount can not exceed 8%, otherwise it will reduce product strength. In addition, non-wood materials are also increasingly valued, in addition to bagasse, straw, etc. have long been used in the production of wood-based panels, has been extended to a variety of plant stems and seed crusts.

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