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  • The emergence of CNC rotary cutting machine(wood veneer peeling machine) not only improves the quality and precision of the production veneer, but also...


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  • log debarker(log debarker machine):log debarker, also known as log debarking machine, belonging to one of wood processing machinery products.log ..


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  • Want to know what plywood is, first of all you have to understand how it is made, that is, the production process of plywood...


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  • Wood-based panels are wood or other non-wood plants as raw materials, after a certain mechanical separation into various unit materials......


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  • Rotary cutting veneer periodic uneven thickness: knife height or knife low, wooden shaft yin and yang surface is serious. Wood is too hard, the single and double roller bearing is aging, the overshoot of the single and double rollers is very poor, the height of the cutter is adjusted, the wooden shaft


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  • Non-card peeling machine is one of the plywood production equipment, it belongs to the card-less shaft mechanical transmission ...


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  • Plywood machine is one of the main equipment for the production of plywood. It is a kind of mechanical equipment that applies ...


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  • Log debark machine types in the market has become more and more diverse, mechanization, log debark machine in the market how to develop, in order to win a place in this competitive marke.The log debark machine round machine needs us to continue to learn, in order to buy their own better log debark m


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  • The plywood production line refers to a kind of artificial board which is rotated into a single board by a rotary cutting machine, and then the single board is glued and pressed perpendicularly to each other in the fiber direction.Plywood is an ideal product for a wide range of applications in build


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  • Shandong Jinlun --- Sander machine, Plywood sanding machine, Wood veneer sander


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