Woodworking Cloud
         In view of the customers long-distance after-sale problems and their requirements of high efficiency service and easy machine maintenance. Our company closely follows the IOT technology, develops and launches woodworking cloud platform solutions. 
Multi-terminal support
Company own independent server and software R & D team. No matter where you are, you can monitor the equipment working situation and output data in real time through mobile phones or computers.
AI analyze 
Combined with big data and AI analysis, it can not only assist users in enterprise supervision, check production progress, and analyze output proportion and energy consumption. 
Fault location in advance 
Through the data acquisition from the equipment key parts, it can diagnosis the possible fault location in advance to remind the user to take corresponding measures. Avoid the loss caused by sudden failure.
Remote mentoring
Users can also connect with our engineers through the equipment emergency call button, remote diagnosis the equipment failure, and on-site real-time voice and video communication. To help customers solve problems at first time.
Online inspection
Aimed at the customer's tracking requirements for board quality, the company has developed an online quality inspection system, which can collect and feedback the veneerthickness and width in real time, so that users can control the production quality at any position, timely receive the warning and make the adjustment, and reduce the defective products and reduce the labor consumption for quality sampling.
Intelligent regulating knife
In view of the blade change and measure problems on traditional machine, our company developed intelligent rotary cutting machine with the complete intelligent automation of change blade, adjust blade gap and height and low, realizes the fool type operation and completely gets rid of the dependence on artificial technology and experience.
Jinlun intelligent 
The Jinlun intelligent woodworking cloud platform focuses on using the Internet of Things information technology to solve the problems of equipment maintenance, production management and intelligent control, and helps users to build a highly automatic, efficient and collaborative intelligent woodworking factory.


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