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The timber market in Europe is in short supply and prices have risen

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At the International Conifer Conference in Hamburg and at the London-South East Timber Trade Association conference in Tunbridge Wells, representatives of the lumber industry mentioned that strong global timber demand is creating a vibrant wood market. Timber prices and availability are also important topics for the UK timber trade. 

In a recent column in Tropical Timber Magazine, Charles Hopping pointed out: There is a lot of uncertainty about the softwood industry in the UK. On issues such as Brexit and the devaluation of the pound on the cost of raw materials There is no consensus yet and reminds everyone not to expect much benefit from timber suppliers overseas. 

The products from the Nordic mill are very good and Sweden has strong domestic demand in the long run with the best trading conditions. 

Importers from Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands are paying the highest prices for northern spruce and pine, and CLS producers are exporting large quantities of products to the United States.

 Currency exchange rate volatility is a thorny issue for buyers and sellers, but the truth is that timber shippers can get higher prices in markets elsewhere. Timcon recently issued a further warning for the price increase of timber, noting the potential for a rise in the price of pallets. 

After the resumption of the Timber Trade Agreement (TTA) between London and Southeastern Timber Trade Association, from the discussion of softwood lumber in the market, traders think trading volume will decrease this year, but the fall is expected to rebound. One trader said that it may see fewer dealings with softwood in the UK by 2018 and that European planters will be shipped to Shanghai at a cheaper price than the UK. 

 Others say that it may be more cost-effective for Swedish manufacturers to ship their boats to the United States. 

No one thinks that large softwood processing plants in Europe can give up the UK because the UK is too important for the market but the harsh economic reality is that timber supply by 2018 will be a big issue. 

 However, as one trader puts it, timber that used to be undervalued may turn into a more valuable raw material. 

 As the supply is still relatively tight, wood-based panel products may also appear in the near future more price increases.


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