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Veneer Dryer Machine for plywood making

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wood veneer dryer machine line is one of the important production equipment for plywood making , mainly used for drying wood veneer. the production less investment, small footprint. Dryer as the standard section 11, a heating section 2 meters, a cooling section, a section of the delivery system, an input roller.

wood veneer dryer machine  line can be customized according to customer requirements

Drying system:

wood veneer dryer machine line uses the most scientific principle of drying, centrifugal fan directly into the hot stove, the upper and lower bellows through the upper and lower bellows of hot air blown to the upper and lower sides of the running veneer, the veneer heated evenly, play a role in drying.

Transmission system:

wood veneers enter the machine longitudinally through the infeed and drive two rows of rollers up and down by the chain. The relative movement of the upper roller is controlled by the forward weight of the platen. The veneer passes the two rollers and the upper roller to reduce the tuyere. Hot effect, the machine dried into a single board, smooth, traceless.

Control System:

wood veneer dryer machine line Promise variable speed machines adjust the feed rate to your veneer thickness and moisture content to achieve the desired drying result.

Heating system:

You can use hot stove heating (low energy costs), steam heating (subject to conditions), hot oil heating (cost increase), the user can choose one.

Single-plate dryer entrance width:

1.35-3 meters to choose from

Dry veneer thickness:

The thinnest 0.3 mm, the thickness of 5.0 mm



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