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the history of the wood based panel

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The early 1st century BC, the Romans are familiar with veneer manufacturing technology and plywood manufacturing principles.

In 1812 the French invented veneer sawing machine.

In 1834, France also promulgated a plow machine patent.

After 1844, the improved rotary peeling machine was officially used in industrial production. Since then rotary peeling machine continues to improve and promote the plywood industry, the mid-19th century, Germany first established a plywood factory.

In 1887 Germany with sawdust plus blood glue made of sheet metal, is the beginning of particleboard.

1889 Germany wood particleboard made of particleboard obtained the first patent. The advent of synthetic resin adhesives early in the twentieth century set the stage for particleboard industrial production.

In 1898 Britain first made semi-rigid fiberboard on a cylinder paper machine.

In 1914 the United States used groundwood pulp mill to produce insulation boards and built insulation fibreboard factories.

In 1916, the dry-forming process first appeared in Austria.

In 1924 the United States created the Massonne method (burst method) fiber separation technology, in 1928 has been able to produce high-quality hardboard.

In 1931, Asplund law was invented in Sweden. The first hard-fiber mills produced in this way were established in Sweden the following year. As a result, the fibreboard manufacturing industry broke away from the paper industry and became an independent industrial category.

1935 French waste board made of long shavings, paving in the formation of the vertical intersecting the various layers of shavings to form a slab, the oriented technology in the particleboard guide 1937 Switzerland proposed shaving structure of the three-tier manufacturing process.

The first fully equipped particleboard factory in Germany in 1941 enabled the particle board industry to complete its technical preparation.

In 1943, the United States studied the success of dry and semi-dry manufacturing processes. In the early 1950s, it established factories in the United States, the Federal Republic of Germany, Czechoslovakia and Austria, respectively, to produce hardboard using the above two methods.

In the late 1940s, particleboard production entered the industrial system as the United Kingdom and Germany developed the Budlef and Ocala methods for the continuous production of particleboard, respectively, and produced the corresponding complete set of continuous production equipment.

In the early 1960s, the medium-density fiberboard was made on the basis of the dry-process technology. In 1966, the United States built the first medium-density fiberboard factory.

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