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The 9th China Linyi International Wood Expo-jinlun plywood making machine factory

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The 9th China Linyi International Wood Expo-jinlun plywood making machine factory

Linyi is located in the most promising economic belt of China's wood industry. It has always been an area of great concern to the people in the national sector. It has the reputation of “the capital of China”. According to statistics, the total industrial output value of Linyi Wood in 2017 reached 123.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2.3%. According to the development plan of Linyi Wood, by 2022, Linyi will realize enterprise agglomeration and industrial cluster development. The output value of the wood industry will exceed 200 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 10%. It will build the country's largest high-end brand sheet production base and domestic. An important high-end home manufacturing base.


As the international exhibition of China's wood industry chain, Linyi Wood Expo is a high-profile event in the industry, rooted in Linyi. It has accumulated experience in the first eight exhibitions and has always adhered to the principle of “finding sellers for buyers”. Looking for buyers, exhibition concepts include wood, sheet metal, woodworking products, chemical accessories, woodworking machinery, etc., which has brought huge business opportunities to many timber companies.

China is the world's number one timber industry. The annual import and export volume of wood and wood products ranks first in the world. According to relevant statistics, the total amount of timber imported from China in 2017 exceeded 100 million cubic meters, reaching 1,084,700 cubic meters, reaching 19.986 billion US dollars. They increased by 15.6% and 23.2% respectively. In order to strengthen the international exchange and cooperation of China's timber industry and cooperate with the national development strategy of “One Belt, One Road”, this exhibition will also hold the China Wood Products Import and Export Expo, and strive to “integrate China Wood Products Import and Export Expo”. The global wood industry chain resources build the core ". Status" of China's wood industry, promote international exchange in the wood industry, and provide cost-effective wood products to consumers around the world.

At the same time, the foundation of the Fifth World Panel of Wood-based Panels held at the same time in the exhibition was “Green Manufacturing is the only way to develop wood-based panels”. Relevant leaders, experts and scholars of the International Timber Industry Organization will discuss the wood industry. Advising on the green innovation development of China's wood-based panel industry, and promoting mutual promotion with Linyi International Wood Expo, further consolidating China's core position in the world's wood-based panel industry, accelerating industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading, and clarifying the healthy development of the industry. direction.


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