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spindle-less veneer peeling machine

Views: 17     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-27      Origin: Shandong Jinlun Machinery Manufacturing Co,Ltd

spindle-less veneer peeling machine is one of the plywood production equipment, it belongs to the spindle-less shaft mechanical transmission rotary peeling machine, suitable for the spindle veneer peeling machine rotary peeling wood veneer continue to spin into veneer, can also be used to the path Material (diameter 300mm) Rotary cut veneer. No card peeling machine mainly by the rack, double roll system, single roll system, knife holder, transmission system, electrical system and other components.

1.Rotary cutting thickness controlled by a computer program, man-machine interface, high precision skin. 

2.The use of cam feed structure, the use of high-quality steel cam by carburizing, durable.

3.Dovetail slide forward and retreat knife, smooth adjustment easy, add the original base of the anti-slip Vice slide to make the machine more stable.

4.Roller chromed by the handle, so stick wear increased.

5.The artificial technical requirements are not high, the machine under normal peeling, the error of ± 0.1mm.

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