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shandong jinlun plywood making machine equipment

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shandong jinlun plywood making machine equipment can peel the following types of wood:

•Soft Wood: Bintagor, Gerutu, Kembang, Mersawa, etc.

•Hard Wood: Eucalyptus, Keruing, Kapor, Mango, Makore, Ocume, Nyatoh, etc.

•Plantation Wood: Poplar, Eucalyptus, Simbal, Rubberwood, Oak, NZ Pine, Falcata, Albizia, etc.

Quality high-quality wood spindle peeling machine peeling machine diameter mm maximum length: 1300-2600mm (4ft-8ft); maximum processing diameter: 550mm rotating cutting

Auxiliary debarking and rounding.4 feet heavy duty veneer peeling lathespindle-less face veneer rotary peeling machine
1.   Highest speed of the veneer peeling machine in China. Peeling speed can be fast as 80-92m/min.
2.   Save power for 30% - 50 %. Normally the running current only the 50% of the rated current.
3.   Good quality of the veneer, smooth and evenness, thickness err plus and minus 0.05mm.
4.   Stable the roller running speed, reduce the influence of the voltage fluctuate.
5.   Automatic speed down when peeling end, reduce the shock of the machine, makes bearings and machine long durable.
6.   Advanced control system and core technology.
7.   Clipper integrated model, peeling and clipping at same time.

8.   High precision CNC system improves the thickness uniformity and width accuracy, as well as ensures remarkable full-sized tail veneer.

9.   Digital show working condition, providing debugging data conveniently.

10. Automatic lubrication oil system reduces the machine friction, save the lubrication work time.

11. Chroming harden cross rollers and big diameter bearings ensure the rollers and bearings have long working life.

        Shandong Jinlun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern wood veneer peeling machine manufacturer  specializing in the production of the spindle-less wood veneer peeling machines. It is also the earliest  large wood veneer peeling machine manufacturer in China that integrates design, development and  production. Company has served thousands of domestic and foreign veneer, plywood manufacturers, is the first wood veneer peeling machine manufacturer that gain European CE certification. Products are sold to the Europe, Americas, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa, more than 40 countries and regions .With high visibility and market share at both domestic and abroad. The main products are: 4-foot, 8-foot wood veneer peeling  machine and automatic peeling line, can be customized according to customer special needs. Company can supply  full set veneer peeling and plywood production programs.  Companies focus on produce "better wood veneer peeling machine." Welcome friends from domestic and aboard visit our factory and make the win-win cooperation.



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