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log debarker

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log debarker(log debarker machine):

log debarker, also known as log debarking machine, belonging to one of wood processing machinery products.

log debarker, that is, the wood mounted on the peeling machine, start the machine, so that the stripping of the skin can be stripped of the logs, peeling rate can reach 95%. Instead of the original artificial skin peeling laborious and time-consuming work, greatly improving work efficiency, but also the logs of the wood section and cylindrical irregularities one-time scraping round, and then go to the NC cardless rotary peeling machine , You can guarantee the uniformity of peeling veneer thickness.

log debarker features: easy to use, low cost, with good skinning effect. Peeling high clarity, high productivity, small wood damage.

log debarker is mainly applied to plywood factory, veneer factory, factory and so on. Peeling machine mainly by the turret, transmission, chassis and other components.



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