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jinlun plywood making machine /wood veneer peeling line

Product Description

Veneer production machine

wood log debarking machine is one of the main equipment for producing plywood . The appearance of the hydraulic ringing machine not only improves the working efficiency of the logs, but also requires one person to time and high efficiency. more and more debarker instead of manual remove skin.

CNC venner peeler is important equipment in plywood production line and venner production line. it main to peeling off small diameter wood and peeling plywood core plate, automatic peeling, cutting board, fast, 

provincial labor 2-3 people, Veneer size can be set to change, fully automated production. For poplar, pine, birch and so on.

4feet and 8feet spindleless veneer peeling and cutting production line is one more automatic production process In the production of plywood, this line was composed of log feeder, log debarker machine,veneer peeling peeling lathe ,automatic stacker, the whole only two workers to operate, save time ,high efficiency.

our Machine max diameter can make to 800mm ,so dont worry wood problem.usually production line daily out 45-65 cbm. 

Spindle veneer peeling machine suit big wood diameter, when your log more than 800mm ,suggest using this machine,usually no-card peeler main peeling cutting face veneer .

veneer drying line

Veneer drying line is important machine in plywood processing, when you peeling get fresh veneer, for long  stock ,need remove water and moisture,so you need core veneer dryer or drying line. this Mahcine length and width is according to your veneer size and outpu,so if you want, need tell us these information. 

For drying line, there are roller type drying line (suit for core veneer), Mesh belt type drying line (suit for face veneer and core veneer,but cost is high), Wire rope drying line (face veneer, low cost),so choose up to your veneer and output .

Pre-press machine +hot press machine 

Cold Press machine  is a fixed effect on the glue ; Multi-layer hot press in the realization of the treatment of based board will be high temperature heat treatment, so that the molding process plays an important role in the pressure plate pressure, the relationship between the adhesive to the glue, so choose the right press is the customer needs to consider. plywood press machine also used in eco-board, blockboard and other wood-based panels.

core veneer composer machine

The core veneers (1.0-4.0mm thickness panels) after drying may have different length and thickness,and the shapes may get irregular, this core veneer composing machine can detect width, thickness, cavities of the core veneer , trimmed, glued, composed, cut to length and stacked automatically. With this machine, the core veneer with different sizes can be composed in one whole sheet.

Glue spreader machine

Applicable to the production of plywood, joinery board, bamboo plywood or man-made board secondary cover.

Plywood paving line

Automatic CNC plywood paving line machine to achieve automatic plating, sawing, board.

Automatic plywood cutting saw

 Automatic triming saws play an important role in plywood /block board production, manual feeding (automatic feeding), infrared control, PLC control, precise cutting,save workwer and high efficiency.

sanding machine

Sanding machine Is the surface of the plywood for sanding, polished after the product can eliminate the uneven surface of the product, thereby improving the product's finish, also prepare for next process.  通用详情页底部工厂买家通用详情页底部展会荣誉



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