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jinlun machinery

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China Shandong Jinlun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in April 1998 and is located in the National Economic Development Zone of Linyi City, Shandong Province. It is 5km away from Linyi Airport, 320km away from Qingdao Port, and 120km away from Lianyungang and Rizhao Port.

The company is a famous large-scale woodworking machinery manufacturer in China. Its main products are rotary cutting machine series products, four-foot-eight-foot card-axis rotary cutting machine, four-foot-eight-footless cardless rotary cutting machine, and advanced four-foot-eight-foot cutting machine. There is a cardless cardless automatic cutting machine, as well as a non-standard large-scale 10-foot, 13-foot cardless rotary cutter designed according to user technology and a large cardless shaft rotary cutter with an opening of 800-900mm.

Since the establishment of our company, we have paid attention to scientific research and innovation, and we have more than 40 national patents in the field of rotary cutting machine. It is the first manufacturer in China to pass the EU ce certification. He has occupied the first place in the market for more than ten years in the Chinese market. In the international market, he has made first sales in South America, Brazil, Paraguay, Mexico, Chile and China. At the same time, it is sold to Southeast Asia, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Europe, Spain, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, and Africa.

Our company has won praises from rising stars in domestic and international markets. With product quality and advanced performance, our company hired German engineer Mr. Owen Maideng in 2003 to personally guide and exchange technology with Lauter China. With a strong manufacturing capacity, the large-scale mechanical manufacturing equipment used for processing reaches more than 200 sets, which is the basis of our company's products. We manufacture the large-scale cardless machine with a length of 10 feet and 13 feet and a diameter of 800-900, which is the largest in the world. Milestone equipment represents the advanced level of technology and manufacturing of our company.

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