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cnc spindle-less veneer peeling machine products the main purpose and characteristics

Views: 41     Author: Shandong Jinlun Machine Co,Ltd     Publish Time: 2024-03-30      Origin: Shandong Jinlun Machinery Manufacturing Co,Ltd

cnc spindle-less veneer peeling machine is manually straightened wood or spindle  veneer peeling machine rotary peeling the remaining wood core rotary cut into a single device. The device is fixed in two rollers, and the cutter body is moved along the parallel guide rail, and the cutter body seat is simultaneously moved horizontally by two feeding screws. Adopting advanced numerical control system, it can calculate the feed speed according to the current parameters such as the diameter of peeling wood, the speed of friction roller and the thickness of the rotary cutting board that the user needs. It can achieve the uniform thickness. At the same time, a structure that can automatically adjust the distance between the single roller and the rotary cutter is fixed on the cutter body seat (automatic adjustment of the sewing seam).


As  the cnc spindle-less veneer peeling machine, the same equipment on the market has the following characteristics:

1.Thickness adjustment range, the thickness of Chinese characters adjustment, convenient, simple and practical.

2.Rotate the veneer thickness uniform formation.

3.Chinese characters show the work of the entire machine, to provide users with convenient debugging data.

4.Perfect protection, with phase loss, overload protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection.

5.Knife sewing automatic adjustment function, spin out of the veneer flatness increased significantly.

6.Adoption of screw advance, with a small gap, is not prone to abnormal fan.

7.Compact structure, stable performance, simple operation, high efficiency and other advantages.

Shandong Jinlun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern wood veneer peeling machine manufacturer  specializing in the production of the spindle-less wood veneer peeling machines. It is also the earliest  large wood veneer peeling machine manufacturer in China that integrates design, development and  production. Company has served thousands of domestic and foreign veneer, plywood manufacturers, is the first wood veneer peeling machine manufacturer that gain European CE certification. Products are sold to the Europe, Americas, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa, more than 40 countries and regions .With high visibility and market share at both domestic and abroad. The main products are: 4-foot, 8-foot wood veneer peeling  machine and automatic peeling line, can be customized according to customer special needs. Company can supply  full set veneer peeling and plywood production programs.  Companies focus on produce "better wood veneer peeling machine." Welcome friends from domestic and aboard visit our factory and make the win-win cooperation.


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