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Wood debarker for plywood making

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wood debarker for plywood making

wood debarker is mainly used for the rounding of logs, and is one of the main equipment for the production of plywood. Its universal name is wood debarker(log debarker or log debarking machine).


wood debarker is one of the main equipments for producing plywood. It is divided into a spindle wood debarker and a spindle-less wood debarker (no spindle-less hydraulic wood debarker and large-gear wood debarker), and it is time-consuming and labor-intensive to spindle wood debarker. The three people can operate, the work efficiency is low, and with the advancement of technology, the hydraulic circular control technology is also applied to the production of spindle-less wood debarker. The appearance of the hydraulic wood debarker not only improves the work efficiency of the log, but also only needs one person. Operation, solved the problem of rounding round, but with the shortcomings of large-scale production, the fur of the round process was not uniform at all, resulting in the production of fur only for power generation and paper industry, followed by large The gear finding machine solves the above problems, but the round effect is not as good as the hydraulic wood debarker. At present, most people still use the hydraulic wood debarker.



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