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What is the safety precautions for using the wood veneer peeling machine

Views: 77     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-02-02      Origin: Shandong Jinlun Machinery Manufacturing Co,Ltd

the wood veneer peeling machine  is now an important sheet metal machinery manufacturers, to the sheet metal factory has brought great convenience, we all know that the safe operation of machinery and equipment is critical, there will be a slight difference in security incidents, so in the operation process should be very note. We must ensure the safety of production, but also to ensure the safety of operators. Therefore, peeling machine operator to go through rigorous training after passing the operation, in order to make rotary peeling machine to create more benefits but also to ensure their own personal safety. Following the county machinery factory to understand how to safely operate peeling machine?

First of all: Peeling machine operator before going to work on the knowledge of rotary peeling machine learning and safety training, after passing the examination before the operation of machinery on the machine. The operator on the machine must wear professional work clothes for mechanical operation. Before starting the machine, carefully check the status of the various parts of the machine is good, with or without loose phenomenon, the lubrication is adequate.

Second: According to the manufacturer's request, adjust the mechanical parameters, confirm the correct before starting operation. Do not adjust the mechanical parameters while the equipment is running. Rotary cutting machine operation, we must carefully observe the operation of machinery, such as abnormalities should be found downtime inspection. Wooden section clamping to ensure that both ends of the concentric position, wooden section clamping must carefully check the chuck is tight.

Finally: After the peeling is completed, the machine can not be unloaded immediately, and the operation should be finished after the machine stops completely.

I hope peeling operation operator should pay attention to the above matters in the operation of peeling machine, safe operation peeling machine can greatly improve the peeling machine production efficiency, and bring us more economic benefits.



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