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What are the general machinery of plywood factory?

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Many people don't know much about plywood machinery. Below is a list of commonly used mechanical catalogues for plywood:

Hydraulic Log Debarker

5ft CNC Spindleless Peeling Lathe

5ft CNC Spindleless Veneer Lathe

Spindleless 5ft

Rotary Clipper

5ft CNC Spindleless Peeling Lathe

5ft Mechanical Spindle Peeling Machine

5ft Mechanical Spindle Peeling Lathe

Rotary Clipper Machine NC

Hydrolic Log Debarker

CNC Spindleless Peeling Lathe

9ft Mechanical Spindle Peeling Machine

9ft Vertical Mechanical Spindle Rotary Peeling Machine

2700mm Mechanical Spindle Peeling

Hydraulic Single Spindle Lathe

Rotary Clipper Machine

9ft Veneer Cut Clipper

9ft Spindleless Peeling Machine

15 Layers Veneer Dry Machine

15 Layers Veneer Drying Machine

15 Layers HOT PRESS Dry Machine

2700mm Glue Spreader 4rolls

4ft Glue Spreader

500T 10 Layers Hot Press

500T 15 Layers Hot Press

620T 15 layers hot press

620T 20 Layers Hot Press

400T Composite Frame Pre – Press

Automatic Edge Trimming Saw

Single Side 1 Head Carlibrating Sander Machine

Double Sides Carlibrating Sander Machine

2Heads Fine Sanding and Polishing Sander

Hot Wind Jet – Roller Conveyor Dryer

2Layer Belt Chain Jet Style Dryer System

Hot Wind Roller Dryer System

Hydraulic Table Lifter

Knife Grinder 1500mm

Automatic Knife Grinder 3000mm

Knife grinder 4200mm

Thermal Oil Boiler

5ft NC Spindleless Peeling – Clipping Lathe

5ft Spindleless

Mechanical Gear Spindleless Peeling Machine

Hydraulic Single-Chuck Spindle Veneer Lathe

Servo Spindleless Veneer Lathe

1400T Short Cycle Lamination Hot Press

9FT NC Spindleless Peeling-Clipper Machine

5 ft Mechanical Spindle Machine

Hot Press Face Back 20 layers

2700mm Heavy Glue Spreader

9Ft Vertical Mechanical Spindle Rotary Debarker

1400T Short cycle Lamination Hot Press Wielder

600T 10 Layer Lamination Hot Press

Above is the plywood machinery often used in some plywood factories. For more information, please contact us.


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