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The safe use of the peeling machine

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Rotary cutting machines play an important role in the manufacture of plates. Rotary cutting machine manufacturers said that in the process of processing, not only must the quality be ensured, but also safety issues must be paid attention to.

When using the peeling machine, the operator needs to stand on the side of the machine, especially within the stroke range of the product, which is not accessible. At the same time, attention should be paid to adjusting the size of the wood, and checking the operating conditions of the equipment and the components. Is the installation correct? After the rotary cutting is completed, use wooden sticks and other tools to remove the remaining wooden shafts on the rotary cutting machine. Remember not to take it by hand to avoid danger.

For us, we also need to maintain the rotary cutting machine, especially to place it in a dust-proof space, so as not to pollute the board and avoid certain losses.


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