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The plate industry is in the “freezing point” of development. Where is the profit point?

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Since 2018, it may be more appropriate to use the cold winter to compare the current plate market. As more and more sheet companies begin to gradually fall into the “freezing point” market, it is a matter for many companies to think about how to welcome a spring breeze to recovery.

However, the cruelty of the market is still continuing: Whether it is the persistent downturn in the upstream property market, or the rising cost of raw materials and weak channels in the plate industry itself, the sheet companies are finding it difficult to broaden their profit margins in a severe winter. .

The reason can be roughly analyzed from these aspects. First, the overall downturn in the domestic macroeconomic environment and the slowdown in economic growth have, to a certain extent, affected the overall income of consumers, which has led to a decline in overall social spending power; Second, in recent years, the sluggish property market policy has caused consumers to reduce the market demand for sheet products. Third, the sharp increase in the number of companies in the industry has led to more intense competition in the sheet metal market. On the other hand, many home improvement companies have also started to involve sheet products. The processing and manufacturing, to a certain extent, divided the market share of the only plate.

Under the background of the currently sluggish overall development trend, many sheet companies have only seen the negative side in the actual development process and believe that the harsh winter now indicates the future development of the company, which is not the case. In the plate market where the overall market is in a contrarian position, companies can only analyze the situation rationally, make good use of the advantages of the times, find out their own development characteristics, and actively explore the direction of development so that they can find a shortcut to spring under the harsh winter!


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