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The advantages of log debark machine

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Log debark machine types in the market has become more and more diverse, mechanization, log debark machine in the market how to develop, in order to win a place in this competitive marke.

The log debark machine round machine needs us to continue to learn, in order to buy their own better log debark machine to find the log debark machine, in order to inject continuous power for our development. 

Increase the diameter of single and double rollers, improve the speed of peeling.Single, double roll surface chromium plating, improve the wear resistance of roll.Through many experiments and theoretical combination, the roller surface adopts hook straight groove, which makes the wooden skin not easy to wrap the roller and improves the productivity.Hydraulic power station scientific and reasonable configuration, the use of manual self-reset directional valve, rapid response, simple operation, easy maintenance, the operator's technical requirements are not high.Workers are not highly skilled. 



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