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New regulations for the export of timber from Angola have been issued!

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Recently, Angola’s agriculture and forestry minister Marcos Nhunga stated in Luanda that Angola’s loggers have issued a new regulation: Only when a bank in the country provides certificates of worth or letters of credit with appropriate values can the timber be exported.

Minister Marcos Nhunga announced that, due to ongoing changes, the year of forestry, usually held in the first week of May, has been postponed indefinitely until the Council of Ministers approves new regulations for the department. It also stated that the large amount of timber exported from Angola each year is not reflected in the national budget. This year the government decided to reverse this by implementing new forest legislation.

The Angola state-owned Angolan Daily quoted Minister Marcos Nhunga as saying: “The timber exports have so far not held any weight in the national warehouse because the funds corresponding to the sales of the products have not yet entered the country.”

At the end of January 2018, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry announced an immediate moratorium on all activities related to timber transport and exploration of forest resources. In February, a multi-sectoral committee was established to take stock of timber stocks seized nationwide, mainly due to violations of agriculture. Department's instructions.


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