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Dense wood-enhanced veneer laminate production technology

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Solid wood-enhanced veneer laminated veneer lumber is made from fast-growing hard wood (alderwood) as raw material (other planting material can also be used), and is based on a self-developed professional-type resin adhesive, adding a certain amount of assistance. Agents and additives, vacuum-impregnated, high-temperature drying, hot press forming and other processing technology of the new high-performance structural man-made board.

Its main features are: high strength, stable performance, processability, colloidal, weatherability and environmental protection. At present, although the material of common Eucalyptus veneers laminated at home and abroad has been greatly improved compared to natural sawn timber, there has been no substantial change, especially in terms of density, hardness, processability, corrosion resistance, waterproofness, insect resistance, etc. There has been little change in the situation. The purpose of this project is to convert the fast-growing eucalyptus wood, which is soft and low in density, into high-grade wood with high density, hardness, elastic modulus, high static bending strength and dimensional stability. The compacted eucalyptus-reinforced veneer lumber can be used to produce high-grade flooring, furniture and construction timber, thereby significantly increasing the economic value of eucalyptus-like softwood.

The general specifications for the production of reinforced eucalyptus-strengthened veneer lumber are: 2440×1220×(25-90)mm (length×width×thickness). In addition, the length and width dimensions can be arbitrarily tailored according to the user’s different needs. Into different specifications. The dimensional tolerance is: length ≥ 0, width ± 2 and thickness less than 0-7% of nominal thickness and not more than 3mm, verticality of edge straightness is 1mm/m, warpage degree is 2.51mm/m, moisture content 6-14%; formaldehyde emission: FC0 level ≤ 0.5mg/L, FC1 level ≤ 1.5mg/L, FC2 level ≤ 5.0mg/L; horizontal shear strength 4.90-3.43MPa (vertical loading), 4.21-2.94MPa (horizontal loading); elastic modulus 6000-10000 MPa, bending strength 22-36 MPa; immersion peeling: the total length of the stripping of each strip of the test piece shall not exceed 10% of the sum of the lengths of the strands of the layer, and the stripping of each side The length does not exceed 1/3 of the length of the glue line on the side; the water absorption thickness expansion rate is ≤ 3%.


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