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China Customs Orders Comprehensive Investigation of Imports of US Logs

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Recently, the General Administration of Customs issued an order that all major ports in the country should be stationed at the provincial level (central government) for a long period of time and designate special inspection sites to thoroughly inspect the imported American logs. The documents do not meet the standards and the documents meet the standards. The goods do not meet all the standard return handling.

It is reported that the inspection method is very strict. The goods must be inspected one by one. If no problems are found on the surface, internal sampling should be cut into the laboratory for testing. Once a single problem is found, the entire ticket is returned for processing. The confiscation of refusal to return was destroyed.

Severe forms of major ports

Starting from May 1, Qingdao, the timber imported from the United States will be subject to inspection by the inspection and inspection site, and other third-party inspection sites will not be released. The inspection must be sampled into the laboratory and wait for the result before release. The laboratory results are unqualified, can be disinfected and released after disinfection, and cannot be disinfected for destruction or return shipment.

Xupu Port currently does not accept US logs for inspection.

1. The phytosanitary certificate does not meet the requirements of the General Administration of Customs.

2. At the national level, the Sino-US trade war.

3. The General Administration Department has conducted a random inspection of the 2017-2018 inspection list in the past two days. Only 38 quarantine permits have met the requirements.

Shanghai Port will stop US logs (without fumigation clauses) for inspection starting May 1.

According to the China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association, the United States logs holding the phytosanitary certificate for Hong Kong were sent back in some ports without any relation to Sino-US trade frictions. According to the previous investigation, the relevant state departments found that some imported wood certificates were not in compliance with the regulations. All imported timber is now handled in accordance with the relevant national regulations. In accordance with national regulations, imported timber will be released smoothly.


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