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Be aware of problems when peeling wood

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When using a card-free rotary cutting machine to rotary cut wood, there may be some problems, and we need to understand this to avoid more serious problems.

One problem is that the thickness of the board selected and cut is uneven, which is caused by the unsharp knife and the wrong height of the knife. The rotary cutter is first installed in the center of the double roll and the thickness of the board. When it is installed high, the tail piece is reeled into a wave shape. When it is installed low, the wood core beats into a square, and the piece is in a strip shape. It is also an important issue that the rotary-cut sheet is fan-shaped. You should first check whether the two ends of the wood core are the same size, and if the size of the wood core is different: whether the height of the measuring knife is the same, and whether the distance from single roll to double roll is the same.

There is also a problem that often occurs in rotary cutting machines, that is, the knife is not sharp. At this time, it is necessary to check whether it needs to be replaced.


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