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Automatic edge trimming saw/plywood trimming saw / Automatic CNC Plywood Cutting Machine/plywood sawing machine

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Automatic edge trimming saw/plywood trimming saw / Automatic CNC Plywood Cutting Machine/plywood sawing machine


The machine for plywood production characteristics and production process, in a safe, energy saving, precision, energy saving, environmental protection and practical principles to improve production efficiency, improve product quality, improve the operating conditions of workers as the fundamental design, in particular Suitable for continuous, high-volume production, from manual to automatic plate sawing board to change the fundamental.     

       This machine is suitable for wood-based panel cutting process, is a manual cutting to a major leap in automatic cutting. Compared with ordinary hand saws, the machine has five characteristics: precision, high efficiency, energy saving, labor, environmental protection. The machine adopts the automation of stacking and scrap removal, and it is safe and convenient to operate. It has smooth operation and low noise. Its automatic sawing is of high quality, smooth plate end and standard of finished material. The production efficiency is greatly improved and its comprehensive benefit is considerable. Silver-based automatic side of the machine, excellent quality, the use of rest assured that each customer is the ideal choice for customers. 

The biggest highlight of this machine: intelligent cutting, safe and smooth operation, accurate and efficient.The device features:

A. the main structure of solid, body made of high-quality steel processing, deformation, high stability; 

B. the operating system by the servo motor plus PLC precise control, the perfect realization of intelligent cutting and automated stacking, labor-saving; 

C. the main electrical parts used "invt", CHNT Chint and other well-known brands, safe and reliable; 

D. the drive motor for the 2.3Kw servo motor, precise control, and machine speed adjustable; 

E. the use of high-precision wear-resistant guide rail and high-intensity infrared positioning, cutting high precision, diagonal error ≤ 1mm; 

F. the use of pre-installed board device, shortening the time of a workflow. And only two operations, energy efficient; 

G. the device is equipped with dual-saw, by the main saw and vice saws. Saw for the auxiliary saw, the purpose is to reduce the saw mouth burr, increase the sawing mouth smooth and beautiful. 

H. with waste removal agencies, automatic removal of trimming; 

I.  The customer-owned strong dust removal device, from top to bottom dust effect. 

The factory production of automatic saw machine, by the rack, six-lane rail, linear guide, servo drive table, longitudinal propulsion car, cutting device, motor, pulley, sprocket, infrared locator, NC control cabinet . The invention is characterized in that the rack is provided with a hexagonal rail and a circular ridgeline, and the cutting device is arranged on both sides of the horizontal frame and the longitudinal frame, the servo drive table is installed on the horizontal frame, 

The car is mounted on the linear guide rail of the longitudinal frame, and the automatic commutation and the four-side pull-out sawing side of the sheet workpiece machining are realized by the power drive of the motor. The main saw and vice sawing start simultaneously, to reduce the edge of the burr to ensure a smooth and beautiful sawing mouth. The positioning of the cutting position is realized by using the infrared locator to launch the cutting profile. The pneumatic control device is used to realize NC program control and automatic operation, which solves the problem of automation and precision application of sawing machine in plywood making. This equipment work efficiency, low failure rate, stable and durable, can be widely used in plywood make processing.


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