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8 feet Hardwood Peeling Machine for plywood making

Plywood Machine 8 feet spindleless veneer peeling machine
CNC venner peeling machine is important equipment in plywood production line and venner production line. it main to peeling off small diameter (max diameter to 700mm),wood and peeling plywood core plate, automatic peeling, cutting board, fast, provincial labor 2-3 people, Veneer size can be set to change, fully automated production. For poplar, pine, birch and so on. 

8feet Hardwood Peeling Machine 8feet Hardwood Peeling Machine
JINLUN CNC Spindleless Veneer Peeling Machine
Type 4feet (1300mm) 8feet (2600mm)
Model WWXQ130SY-40F WWXQ260SY-50F
Cutting Size 500*1300mm 500*2600mm
Min Residual 28mm 32mm
Max Stroke of 500mm 450mm
Tool Slide
Cutting Thickness 0.5~3.6mm 0.5~3.6mm
Cutting Speed 50m/min 48-65m/min
Power 21.5KW 60 KW
Peeler blade 1400mm*180mm*16mm 2700mm*180mm*16mm
Clipper Size 1400mm*90mm*12.7mm 2700mm*90mm*12.7mm
Dimensions 4100mm*2150mm*1600mm 6100mm*2200mm*1650mm
Total Weight About 6000KG About 11000KG

Advantage of peeler :
1.servo motor drive, precision screw feed, ensure the thickness of ± 0.05 mm ; width  ± 0.05 mm uniform section.
2. Hydraulic on the knife, get rid of mechanical trouble, easy maintenance.
3.Automatically adjust knife, even in the peeling,still adjust the thickness of two different veneer, 
4. Friendly user interface can help operators find any problems in time.
5. Two-in-one structure, peeling and cutting together, reducing costs
6. Power-saving, simple operation, easy maintenance

8feet Hardwood Peeling Machine
Details of machine :                                                                       

8feet Hardwood Peeling Machine


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