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2019 Brazilian Woodworking Machinery Exhibition FIMMA

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2019 Brazilian Woodworking Machinery Exhibition FIMMA

[Exhibition time]: March 26-29, 2019

[Place of the exhibition]: Brazil Bento Goncalves Convention and Exhibition Center

[Exhibition cycle]: 2 years / session


[Exhibition content]:

1, furniture hardware: furniture handles, locks, accessories, brackets, metal connections, casters, etc.;

2, machinery and tools: forest industrial machinery, woodworking tools and saws, other wood products related machinery and tools, panel inlay and processing machinery, furniture accessories installation machines, all kinds of hand tools and power tools;

3, furniture products: restaurant furniture, bedroom furniture, kitchen and bathroom furniture, office furniture, children's furniture, antique furniture, sundries furniture, beach furniture and facilities, swimming pool and garden furniture, hotel furniture, seat covers, textiles, Design, lighting, etc.;

4. Raw materials and accessories for furniture production: furniture raw materials, drawers, furniture brackets, rollers, doors, furniture accessories, plates, furniture glass, plywood, plaques, paving, plywood, furniture coverings, interior decoration and accessories, furniture surfaces, Chemical raw materials, principle systems, furniture accessories, raw materials and fabrics, woodworking tools and equipment;

5, software categories: mattresses, springs, mattress materials and accessories, sponge cutting machinery, software products and technology;

6, other wood products: wood flooring, wooden doors, wooden windows and other wood products

[Introduction to the exhibition]:

“Fimma Brazil” is the largest trade fair for woodworking industry in Latin America and one of the five most representative exhibitions in the world.

The exhibition has been held for two years and has been in existence for 13 years since its inception in 1993. As an international exhibition of machinery, raw materials and accessories in the field of furniture, “Fimma Brazil” not only displays the most cutting-edge technologies, products and services in the woodworking industry, but also serves as a platform for companies to strengthen their cooperation and develop potential partners.

“Fimma Brazil” 2017 brings together 360 exhibitors from more than 30 countries around the world, with 25 million visitors, creating a commercial value of 290 million US dollars.

[Chinese exhibitors]

For the first time in 2019, it is open to Chinese companies, and the opportunity is rare! ! !

[Brazil Market]:

Brazil has a population of more than 180 million, and its per capita gdp is 4,350 US dollars, and its economic development rate ranks 12th in the world.

Brazil has a good import and export environment. In 2005, foreign trade totaled US$191.86 billion, of which exports were US$118.38 billion, up 22.63%; imports were US$73.55 billion, up 17.05%. In recent years, the Brazilian furniture and home accessories market has flourished, and consumers are increasingly demanding products. Annual sales of bedding, tableware and daily necessities in Brazil are as high as $4.5 billion. The market share of imported furniture in Brazil has gradually expanded with the development of the furniture market.

At that time, our company will go to the exhibition to welcome new and old customers to visit and negotiate business.


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