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2018 China-ASEAN Expo Forest Exhibition

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2018 China-ASEAN Expo Forest Exhibition


Exhibition time:

November 16th - November 19th, 2018 (Friday to Monday, 4 days in total)

Exhibition location:

Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center No. 106, Minzu Avenue, Nanning, Guangxi, China


Organizer: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People's Government, National Forestry and Grassland Bureau

Organizer: China-ASEAN Expo Secretariat, China Forestry Industry Association, Forestry Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Co-organizers: Asia-Pacific Forest Restoration and Sustainable Management Organization, Vietnam Trade Promotion Bureau, Guangxi Forestry Industry Association

Exhibition introduction:

From November 16th to 19th, the China-ASEAN forestry industry capacity advantage technology and products will be displayed at the Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition will focus on the combination of China and ASEAN countries with strong complementarity, quality products and advanced technologies that meet the needs of both markets:

Preliminary arrangements for the event

China-ASEAN Forum on International Trade in Forest Products

China-ASEAN Panel Cooperation & Development Forum

Seminar on Forestry and Agricultural Investment in Viet Nam

China-ASEAN International Wood Culture Forum

China-ASEAN Woodworking Machinery Sourcing Conference

China-ASEAN Forest Industry Seminar & Project Signing Ceremony

Symposium on Special Economic Forest Products

exhibition criteria:

Forestry equipment exhibition area

Bamboo woodworking machinery, garden machinery, mining machinery, furniture processing machinery, etc.;

Wood-based panel and wood structure exhibition area

Wood-based panels, wooden doors, wooden floors, wooden stairs, wooden planks, wooden houses, etc.;

Mahogany furniture and mahogany crafts exhibition area

Mahogany furniture, mahogany crafts, etc.;

Furniture and wood bamboo root carving handicraft exhibition area

Solid wood furniture, sheet furniture, wood and bamboo household items, root carving art, etc.;

Flower seedlings exhibition area

Forest seedlings, ornamental flowers, bionic flowers, economical flowers, rare and endangered flowers, flower and seedling products, gardening materials, garden design, etc.;

Linxia Economic Products Exhibition Area

Forest medicine, forest bacteria, forest bees, forest birds, forest animals, forest grasses, forest vegetables, etc.;

Forest Tourism Zone

Forest parks, nature reserve tourist communities, wetland parks, forest tourism products, planning and design;

Forestry Economic Development and Cooperation Exhibition Area

Focus on the forestry advanced technology, forestry science and technology cooperation projects, etc., set up the Guangxi Forestry Image Museum, and focus on the achievements of Guangxi's forestry development.


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