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Short Cycle Melamine Hot Press Machine for The Plywood Film Face Veneer

Latest 1200T short cycle hot press machine for facing melamine pepAr plywood. It takes only 10-30 seconds to facing the melamine paper to the plywood core.
structural Features of Hot Press Machine
1. Heating Platen
The heating platen is made from a carbon steel plate with drilled holes for strength and durability. A working table of 2700mm*1370mm allows users to easily operate the wood working machine.
2. Heating System
The hot press comes with a special heating system which employs a heat transference oil boiler that features a counter current flow and a high temperature, and lowers the system pressure to meet safety requirements. The heat system's closed circulation transfers energy via liquid, thus reducing heat loss and saving overall energy.
3. Hydraulic System
This type of hot press is a hydraulic plywood press with adjustable hydraulic pressure.
4. Oil Cylinder
The oil cylinder is made with high precision tools, and sealants prevent oil from leaking.
5. Control System
Our hot press is equipped with a microcomputer control system for both manual and automatic control. With a simple push of a button you can control a whole set of processes including pressing plate ascending, closing, pressure adding, pressure maintaining, timing and pressing plate descending.

Type 6*9 Feet 4*8 Feet 4*8 Feet
Total pressure (T) 1800T 1600T 1200 T
Into board direction Crosswise Crosswise Crosswise
Number of layers Single layer Single layer Single layer
Layer-to-layer spacing 200MM 200MM 200MM
Hot pressing plate number 2 2 2
Breadth size 2900*2000*140mm
2600*1400*140mm 2600*1400*100mm  2600*1400*140mm 2600*1400*100mm
Plunger cylinder number 9 6 6
Diameter 320mm(WUXI) 360mm(WUXI) 320mm(WUXI)
Stroke 200MM 200MM 200MM
Resistance to pressure ≤25Mpa ≤25Mpa ≤25Mpa
No-load closing time 5s 5s 5s
Low-pressure pump flow 320ml/r 320ml/r 320ml/r
Power 22kw 18.5kw 18.5kw
Control mode Automatic station Automatic station Automatic station
Frame form Skeleton type Skeleton type Skeleton type
Fluctuation beam 900mm 900mm 900mm
Thickness of steel pipe 50mm,30mm,20mm 50mm,30mm,20mm 45mm,30mm,20mm
Stand column 400mm 400mm 400mm
Voltage 380V 380V 380V
Weight 48T 38T 32T



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