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Plywood Edge Trimming Saw

plywood edge trimming saw
Plywood Edge Trimming Saw

Working principle introduction:
This saw machine is composed by infrared positioning, pre-loading device, longitudinal trolley fasten part, longitudinal trolley chains transmission, longitudinal saw heads, transverse trolley, transverse saw heads, transverse trolley chains transmission, automatic stacker. all working process is controlled by PLC. So in plywood/particle board/block board production, size cutting will be automatic .

Plywood Edge Trimming Saw
Plywood Edge Trimming Saw

Main Features:

1. The body made of high quality steel processing, no deformation ,high stability;
2. PLC precise control, the perfect realization of intelligent cutting and stacking, saving labor and effort

3. Main electrical components using "three crystal", "Schneider" well-known brands, safe and reliable;
4. The use of high-precision wear-resistant rails and high-strength infrared positioning, cutting high precision, diagonal error ≤ 1mm
5. The use of pre-installed plate device, only two people operating, daily output 80-90 cbm ,efficient;
6. Equipped with waste removal, automatic removal of cutting scrap;

Details of machine :                                                                       
Plywood Edge Trimming Saw



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