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What are the requirements when using the veneer peeling machine

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In the three-ply board commonly used at ordinary times, five-layer plywood production, veneer peeling machine is one of the important equipment, it put the wood processing into one layer upon layer of plywood veneer, and then after joining together with adhesive glue, fully rational use of wood, wood performance, the latest model of numerical control lathe cutting equipment, not only improve the quality of the production of veneer and precision, and improves the production efficiency and automation of the machine, below is the thing to notice in operation.

When the machine is running, it is not allowed to wipe the machine or lubricate the equipment. If the above operation is needed, it shall be carried out in the state of stopping the rotation of the equipment. Before starting the machine, it shall check whether the equipment parts are safe and ensure that there are no safety risks.Ensure the correct installation of components, operators should be familiar with the operation of the keyboard process, do not put useless items on the equipment;After processing with a small wooden shaft to remove residues, must not be handled;Check the switch of feed station regularly to avoid the occurrence of collision. It is forbidden to modify the equipment and process other products without permission.



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