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Automatic Wood Turning Machine

Log Wood Debarker Machine in Wood Industry
wood log debarking machine is one of the main equipment for producing plywood .The appearance
of the hydraulic ringing machine not only improves the working efficiency of the logs, but also requires one person to time and high efficiency.

Parameter of debarker
Max.length 2600mm 2700mm
Max.diameter 500mm 700mm
speed 48m/min 60m/min
Roller diameter 120mm 280mm
Total power 26kw 32kw
Total weight 4100kg 8000kg
Over size(mm) 4900x2250x1500 5600x2350x1500

Automatic Wood Turning Machine

Automatic Wood Turning Machine


Automatic Wood Turning Machine
 wood debarker machine advantages:
1. Increase the diameter of rollers, improve the speed of peeling
2. Roller surface chrome plating, improve the wear resistanceroller surface
3. Mechanical experiment rational allocation of power, save production costs
4. Reasonable and accurate cooperation to ensure the continuity of equipment and reliability
5. Hydraulic feeding structure, adjustable feed pressure, adapt to different wooden
6.One debarker supply two peeling machine to work, saving manpower 5-6 people

Details of machine :                                                                       
Automatic Wood Turning Machine
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