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8 Feet Veneer Peeling Machine Line


                          Automatic 8 feet veneer production line
Production show
1. With hydraulic system. Rotary peeling and cutting are all together.
2. The use of a Feeding Screw precision closed completely driven by servo motor Gear Reducer with hardened precision.
3. The thickness of the plate, the opening of the Knife can be adjusted automatically by itself.
4. With the Control System of the computer. The Plate thickness with a minimum margin of error of 0.05 mm
5. The last section of cut could Cut the sheet is for the full size.
6. Matched with the automatic stacker of the absorbability of vacuum.
7. The team is equipped with a circular system free of logs,
The Rotary Cutting Speed faster and more convenient.
8. Compact structure, stable performance, simple operation and High Efficiency and easy maintenance. 



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