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4 Feet Wood Debarking Machine


4 feet wood log debarker machine for making veneer
Production show
log debarkerork properly, saving the need for manual  debarking and rounded.
       1.Enlarging single & twin rollers%27 diameter (110) to increase barking effciency.
        2.The surface of single & twin rollers%27 are plated with chrome in order to increase wearabiliy .According to many times of practice . Pythagorean linear groove on the surface of roller will avoid veneer twisting on rollers,to increase production efficiency.
        3.According to mechanical experiment , reasonable drive will save production costs.
        4.Reasonable & accurate concertation of each parts in drive system will ensure continuity & reliability of the machine .
        5.The most important point is the adoption of hydraulic feeding system , fast feeding & retreating of edge is realized , further more the feeding force is displayed and able to be adjusted to different kinds of wood .
        6.The hydraulic force station is reasonably equipped , manual resetting commutator valves adopted . It is of swift reaction , easy operation , facility in maintainance , moderate requirements on the operators%27 skill .

8 feet wood log debarker machine for making veneer
Max log length 1400mm
Max log diameter 700mm
Peeling speed 50m/min
Power  22.5kw
Total weight About 3200kg
Overall size 3560x2150x1100mm
Blade size 1500x180x16mm
Note: 1,Special design according to customer's requirement is available.
      2,Please contact manufacturer for machin


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