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Knife Grinder for Veneer Peeling Machine Woodworking Machine


Knife Grinder for Veneer Peeling Machine Woodworking Machine

1.This machine can work  types: straight knife, knife like peeling knife, knife granulator, slicing knife,  knife, scissors and so on.
2 Longmen frame design, combined with high quality steel welding, the elimination of internal stress, the elimination of internal stress. The body has a high strength and good rigidity.
3.grinding head with special motor. It can adjust the direction of axial clearance, stable transmission, long service life, high precision.
4 the vertical motion of the ball screw is used to ensure the accuracy.
5 the working platform adopts electromagnetic chuck, and it is very convenient to use a knife. The working table is easy to adjust the angle of the worm wheel and worm.
6 rail with linear guide rail to ensure the stability of the horizontal motion of the grinding head. Taiwan  HIWIN linear guide rail imports.
7 use of transducer. Easy to adjust grinding head horizontal and vertical speed.
8 the working accuracy of the machine is 0.01mm

 Parameters of knife sharpener

Model YM1500 YM3000 YM3500
Max. grinding length 1500mm 3000mm 3500mm
Working-table width 180mm 180mm 200mm
Grinding head motor 4kw,380V-50Hz 4kw,380V-50Hz 4kw,380V-50Hz
Walking motor 0.75kw,380V-50Hz 0.75kw,380V-50Hz 0.75kw,380V-50Hz
Lifting motor 0.55kw,380V-50Hz 0.55kw,380V-50Hz 0.55kw,380V-50Hz
Wheel rotation rate 1400r/min 1400r/min 1400r/min
Linear speed for 15m/s 15m/s 15m/s
grinding wheel
Speed of sliding plate Variable speed Variable speed Variable speed
Tilting range for ±90° ±90° ±90°
Grinding wheel form Cup Cup Cup
Grinding wheel diameter 200mm 200mm 200mm
Overall dimension 3000x1300x1400mm 5300x1300x1400mm 5800x1300x1400mm
Weight 1500kg 2900kg 3200kg




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