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Hot Sale 8 Feet Wood Rounder Lathe

Debarker is used for log for round before peeling. 
And it is suitable for the eucalyptus, pine, cotton wood.
with principle of peeling, removing the log's skin and straighting logs. 
hydraulic driven feed mechanism,can quickly, efficiently put log removal of bark,
round. One set debarker can supply 2 set peeling machine.

it saves the original manual peeling, rounding procedure, save 5-6 human.


1、increase of single and double roll's diameter, improving the speed of remove skin .
2、single, double roll surface with chrome plating, improve wear resisting of roller.
3、the hydraulic feeding mechanism, a cutter, rapid, and feed pressure can be 
adjusted and display, adapt to different wood . 
4、simple operation, convenient maintenance, requirements for operators 
and workers is not high technology.


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