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8 Feet Peeling Lathe for Plywood

8 feet plywood machine for veneer peeling
Product description

The rotary tangent is one of the main production lines of plywood. It is composed of conveying equipment, round machines, rotary cutting machines and palletizing machines. Among them, the rotary cutting machine(veneer peeling machine)is the most important part.

Spindle-less veneer peeling machine
8 Feet Peeling Lathe for Plywood
Main index WWXQ260SY
Max. log length 2600mm
Max. log diameter 500mm
Veneer thickness 1.0-3.0mm
Speed 40-47m/min
Power 56.6kw
Dimension 5500x2200x1700mm
Weight About 11700kg
Automatic thickness change YES
Hydraulic knife changing YES
Note: Speciaal design according to customer's requirement is available.
8 Feet Peeling Lathe for Plywood

8 Feet Peeling Lathe for Plywood

Above these pictures, the fourth is vertical blade adapter. This part can be ajusted.In other words, if it is a 8 feet peeling machine,you can use it to make the 4ft and 8ft venner both.

In the fifth picture, it is called as piano type protective cover. It is used for the protection of oil in the tank.

8 Feet Peeling Lathe for Plywood  TIPS:
  They are air cylinder, their motivation is the pneumatic pump.
  Both sides of the cylinder, adjust the wood in between single and double roller to the appropriate position.
  The top of the cylinder cuts off the remaining wood core.
  This arrangement reduces manpower operation and improves efficiency

They are rollers and screw.
  The rollers have two types, Regular and holding-on. The latest has more lager power between the rollers.
  And the work mode of the screw has changed too. It takes the way of pushing forward,that is more convenient than the traditional way. The screw also is covered by a protective steel container. About 10 days, you need feed into new oil.
  Finally, you can see two tanks, where have enough oil and the body of the cutter holder can move easy.
 These are oil pipe, they conecct with the oil box and the other hydro-cylinder,

that is installed in the cutter holder. Once the machine works, the scalpel pressing plate will press the knife more heavier.The new way makes the Loading and unloading knife more convenient.
 It is servo motor and has high precision. It is used for the automatic thickness change.
Meanwhile, the distribution box is made correspondent to the related machine in the time of the prepare of sales. 

Other information
  A. Servo motor, high precision, control cutter adjustment (adjust knife seam refers to the distance between the single roller and blade), slit control single board thickness.
B. The rolling cutter seat is arranged above the rubber roller and is positioned on the same frame as a whole. Place the cutter seat first, then place the hob holder.
C. A part of the hob holder is to place the blade
D. Combination deceleration motor (first) + motor (after)
E. Rubber covered roller is under the blade."The board" role. The hob holder is used to fix the blade.
F. Between the cutter holder and hold(ing)-down clip fix blade knife, the veneer seat out from a single gap between the roller and the knife body. Cut the blade on the hob holder. When cutting, roll the cutter holder and the rubber roller to rotate, and the cutter body does not move.
If have any question about the machine, Welcome contact the salesman anytime

Our services

1.We will send our engineer under your indications to  your  factory  for  installing,  debugging  and  maintaining,  you only need to afford the cost of the flights, and  the engineer's accommodation .
2.If you are experienced in installing jobs,  we  will  provide ongoing  technical support for you.
Guarantee time for the main parts of the machine will be 12 months, in this period, if the machines itself  have the problem, we will freely maintain it, but not including the problem caused by the wrong or rough operation.
3.The buyer sends people to seller's factory for study:
one month and one person. The buyer should pay for the round air fare, and the seller arrange for food and accommodation, and the service including: the machine's fixing, debugging, operating, maintaining.
4.After the warranty, we can also supply the engineer service and the technical service, but  you need to  pay  the salary for the engineer! and afford the cost of the replaced aparts yourself. More service, you can get by send us an e-mail or a fax.

1. Q: Are you a factory or a trading company?
A: We are a factory who manufacture the machine by ourself. We have 2 factoies and 1 trading company.
2. Q: What is the delivery time?
A: Normally will be 30 days after getting deposit or original LC.
3. Q: What is the maintenance period? What kinds of after-sale service do you support?
A: 1 year after delivery. We supply telephone after-sale service, video service and e-mail service. If can not deal with the problem, our tech-staff will go abroad to service.
4. Q:What is the payment terms?
A:a.T/T(30% deposit, 70% before delivery in FOB or 70% paied against copy of B/L in CFR)
b. 100% irrevocable L/C at sight.
5. Q: Can we visit your factory?
A: Welcome to visit us! Everyday we have customers from different countries. By now, we have exported to more than 20 countries customer.





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