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Veneer peeling machine safe operating procedures

Views:28     Author:leo     Publish Time: 2020-01-17      Origin:Shandong Jinlun Machinery Manufacturing Co,Ltd

Veneer peeling machine used in the process of most of the accidents are due to failure to comply with safety practices caused, but the very important rules are: veneer peeling machine in operation do not wipe, lubricate, maintenance of the machine; repair veneer peeling machine must cut off the power Veneer peeling machine ground to be checked frequently.


Keep in mind that the safety devices provided by the veneer peeling machine manufacturer are only intended to provide the most basic prevention of accidents. The main responsibility for the job is the owner of the veneer peeling machine and those responsible for operation, maintenance and repair.

The owner of the veneer peeling machine must ensure that:

The people involved in the veneer peeling machine are trained in safe operating practices; the safe operating procedures are posted in the relevant area.

Note: Read the full safety rules below

1, the veneer peeling machine operating machine maintenance must be trained, in good health, to adapt to this work and be able to reliably complete the work of personnel commitment.

2, do not allow alcohol, medication or similar personnel to operate, maintain and repair the veneer peeling machine.

3, the veneer peeling machine before starting, the operator should check all the safety facilities and check the veneer peeling machine for any obvious defects.

4, if the veneer peeling machine has any defect, especially relates to the safe operation procedure respect, the operator should immediately report to the leader or notify the person responsible for the maintenance.

5, if the veneer peeling machine crisis to a safe operation, the veneer peeling machine must immediately stop running, cut off the power, the veneer peeling machine to make warning signs.

6. In the veneer peeling machine for maintenance or other work involving all personnel should be informed that if the veneer peeling machine must be powered, there should be someone to watch the power switch.

7, the veneer peeling machine can only be used for manufacturers designed for peeling wood use.

8, the veneer peeling machine technology improvements will affect the operation and safety of equipment, manufacturers must be factory or authorized personnel to carry out, or manufacturers are not responsible for the loss caused by the changes.

9. If the safe of the veneer peeling machine can not be guaranteed during the process of installation, maintenance or repair, it must be carried out by professional licensees. These personnel must ensure that personal injury and the veneer peeling machine damage are prevented.

10, do not bring rings, watches, jewelry, necklaces, loose clothing hanging pendants, such as ties, torn clothes, ordinary shoes, unbuttoned shirt or zipper may not be pulled Scratch parts. Wear approved protective clothing that will prevent the accident.

11, cleaning the veneer peeling machine, be sure to stop the power, pay attention to prevent cuts, and use the appropriate method of cleaning.


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